Archaeology Response Consultants

Since 2011 Archaeological Response Consultants (ARC), now based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has dedicated its staff and volunteers to afford in-depth cultural resource management in compliance with Federal Law Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act as well as providing local curation and research services to local museums and historical societies.

As a registered public and domestic 501(c)(3), IRC (DLN 26053524001545), ARC focuses on smaller compliance-based projects and preservation needs by maintaining a low overhead cost. By doing so we fill a necessary niche and allow for other nonprofits and historically registered sites to be able to comply with federal and state survey requirements that will not overwhelm limited resources. Our corporation works on a person-to-person basis that understands the needs of smaller private corporations and foundations without sacrificing quality. We see archaeological material as a resource that can benefit its caretakers as well as enhance the public’s understanding of their region's history and we strive to provide a timely and meaningful response to fit their requirements.


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