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The Tell El-Rumeith in Time Presentation

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In 2016, ARC partnered with the Kelso Museum of Near Eastern Archaeology to produce media presentations for the new exhibit on the Tell er-Rummeith archaeological site in Jordan. The site was initially excavated 1962 and in 1967 was brought to an abrupt halt due to the 1967 Israeli-Jordanian War. Several of these images have not been previously released.

The Tell El-Rumeith Mapping Project

In January 2015, ARC and the Kelso Museum of Near Eastern Archaeology in Pittsburgh, PA begun a joint project to digitally reconstruct the excavation work at the Tell El-Rumeith (TER) site located near Ramatha in northern Jordan. Excavations at the site abruptly halted in 1967 due to political disruptions related to the 7-Day War between neighbor countries in the region. As a result, an overall map and plan were never completed of the site, leaving many questions about the layout and use of the site.

Using black & white photos taken of Paul Lapp's 1962 and 1967 excavations as well as field notes, sketch maps and Nelson Glueck's original survey in 1943 ARC has begun to reconstruct the site to build a comprehensive image of how this fortress was used from the 10th Century BCE to the Late Islamic Period.

Link to The Kelso Museum of Near Eastern Archaeology: http://www.pts.edu/museum     


The "Woman and Weaving: The World's Oldest Textiles" Museum Display

Coinciding with the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary's special presentation on world textiles by Elizabeth Wayland Barber, ARC developed museum display backdrops in April, 2015.


Backdrop design mockup (Top ) and final installed project photo (Below)



Ceramic Profiles and Restoration